F.H.P. „MAL-PAK” Leszek Mul
ul. Podborek 4a
87-410 Kowalewo-Pomorskie

Sales department: 56 684 01 10, 56 684 01 11
fax: 56 684 01 12
Accounts: 56 684 19 03

Office opening hours: 
Monday-Friday: 7.30-15.30
Saturday: closed

F.H.P. Mal-Pak is a manufacturing and trading company. We have several years? experience in plastic film packaging production. Our offer includes a remarkably wide array of products. Among them there are plastic films of the following types: PE-LD, PE-HD, LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, HDPE, MDPE. These are available as sleeves, half-sleeves and rolls.

Our products are customisable, so Clients may use them as collective packaging or as a product protective solution against dirt or damage during storage, handling or long range transport. These kinds of products are used in a great many market sectors, e.g. food, construction, coal, wood and chemical industries, to mention just a few. Also in everyday life plastic film comes in handy for protecting, packing, sealing and insulating.

We pay special attention to corporate development, which we achieve through ongoing investments in the machine park and unstoppable efforts put into product quality improvement ? all of that mostly for Clients? ultimate satisfaction of delight. Prioritizing professionalism and ecological solutions, we offer our Clients the best products for the 21 st century. Since 2005 we have been holding Fair Play Company certificate in recognition of our policy and approach both to Clients and suppliers, for one thing, and in acknowledgement of our business integrity, for another thing.

F.H.P. „MALPAK” implements projects financed from European Funds