Film sleeves

Film sleeves are produced on 8 lines, four of which are for LD film and the other four are for HD films so that we can choose the most suitable type and size of the film for the particular machine and thus achieve top technical parameters. We can make sleeves within the following range of width:

  • in the case of LDPE, MLLDPE films ? 50mm-1700mm (thickness from 18mq to
  • in the case of HDPE, MDPE films ? 200mm-1700mm (thickness from 6mq to 150mq)
    The sleeves may come with or without folds, as required by the Client; cold micro-perforation is possible in every film type.

Upon individual requests, films may be enriched with the additives inevitable to guarantee better resistance to UV and IR radiation as well as improved sliding properties; corona treatment is another film enhancement feasible (on each line).

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